Finals Are Coming…. dunn dunnn dunnnnnnn


This is my life right now….


This is what actually happened for the last couple of weeks. I know I should have been keeping up on reading in classes and doing homework and studying little by little so I’m not cramming, but that never really works out. Let’s be honest here.


Now we also all know that Finals and dead week mean a lot of time wasted on Facebook. And we all see the statutes on Facebook about how much our lives suck and how we have so much studying to do… kinda pointless to be stressing out about finals and writing about it instead of actually studying.


And there are always these people….. I hate these people.


It kinda feels like all of our teachers and professors in high school and college do this ^^ and plot against us. Why don’t they know our lives and plan their stuff around us!!???

So… instead of studying, I blogged and looked up Finals Memes. Time well spent, right?

All I can say now is:



2 thoughts on “Finals Are Coming…. dunn dunnn dunnnnnnn

  1. ESteward747 says:

    This made me laugh! True story. Finals suck.

  2. fbleam says:

    This made me laugh as well! True life of a college student. Thanks for sharing!

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