Letter to Future Students

Hello Future CO 301d Students!!!

Let me start by saying, any ideas you have about what “writing” is need to be thrown out. Writing means so much, so don’t be overwhelmed when you see the syllabus and it says you must write 2,000-5,000 words per week. The definition of writing is flexible, and you will understand how “writing” really works in this class. Speaking of writing, embrace the blogs! I didn’t, and now I regret it. Your posts should relate to education, but if you have a bad week and you just want to write about the shitty (oh ya, you can do that by the way) day that you had write about it and try again next week.

Please remember to keep an open mind.In this class your limits will be pushed, you will feel vulnerable, and occasionally embarrassed, but you need to ENJOY IT! This was truly the first class I have taken in four years that I felt completely comfortable to share my thoughts, and I was willing to put myself out there and not worry about what my peers may think about me. You are an adult, and this class invites you to think and behave like one. We are a community, simply because we were not afraid to put ourselves out there and share our ideas and feelings with the class. I cannot stress how important this is. This class is YOUR class, not Dr. Garcia’s class. Yeah, he is the “professor,” but you are all co-teachers in your own classroom. This class is what you make of it, so make the best of it!

Please pay close attention to Dr. Garcia’s wardrobe, it is truly fantastic!

Good luck!



One thought on “Letter to Future Students

  1. alexdenu says:

    Comment payback!
    Definitely think we’re gonna need to go to the ramskeller together when we get back and try and figure out how to get used to the US again, which probably won’t be too much fun. But i totally agree with your letter to those future co-30d students, and i regret not embracing these blogs as well. That’d probably be my number one suggestion to future students, and of course to appreciate those damn ties.

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