On the first day of finals my professor gave to me…

Happy finals week! Well… not really because all the stress, anger and fatigue brought on by lack of sleep and trying to cram four months of learning into two short weeks really isn’t what I have in mind when I think of the concept of fun.  The list of things I would rather do than study for finals includes clean up the set after the Jackass guys do a take, do anything the Jackass guys do, step in the ring with Rocky Balboa, wrestle a crocodile, try to score a touchdown against Brian Urlacker, pledge a frat at Dartmoth University, or take a round house kick to the face from Chuck Norris.  Anyway we all know that it’s near impossible to study under high levels of stress so I figured I’d get everyone into the holiday season by sharing my two favorite ways to de-stress from finals week.

  1. Go to the gym:  There is a reason why this one is first, and not just because it’s my favorite way to relieve stress.  First off, this isn’t just some stress relief method that I used because I enjoy working out.  IT ACTUALLY WORKS!  Working out has been proven from countless studies conducted all across the country to relieve at least some stress in the individual 100% of the time (plus it was on Sport Science and they can’t put anything on TV that’s not true).  Don’t believe me; stop ignoring what’s spitting on your shoe and thing about it.  Working out cause’s physical strain on the body, it causes the individual to physically exert itself to the breaking point relieving aggression.  By some people, this is called releasing aggression.  Furthermore, it releases two chemical hormones with in our brains, dopamine and serotonin.  Ever heard of runners high?  Dopamine is what causes this feel good accomplished relaxation for the individual. What part of that sounds stressful? As for serotonin, that’s the best part.  The release of serotonin has a little side effect known as focus.  It is actually proven that the release of serotonin before studying helps the individual remain focused during study sessions thus, higher test scores.  I’m serious, look it up. Plus you get in shape while you work out, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 
  2. Have a Beer (only if you’re 21): Like I said if you’re 21, because in no way shape or form did I, or would any of you have a drink while you’re under the legal drinking age.  I’m not saying take a study break and get plastered before going back to study for finals.  Seeing as one of the side effects of alcohol consumption is memory loss I can’t imagine that would work out in anyone’s favor.  No, take a little study break, get a beer from the fridge, sit on the sofa and watch some sports center.  First it’ll help remind you that life’s too short to get worked up for a final that makes up such a minor insignificant part of your life.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin “beer is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy.”  And he was one of the smartest guys ever to live so how could that statement be inaccurate.  Second, again alcohol is proven to relax you, and relaxation means less stress.  But like I said, just have one.  Good luck with finals. 

One thought on “On the first day of finals my professor gave to me…

  1. ESteward747 says:

    I think this blog post was very purposeful for most of the people in this class. Everyone is finding themselves stressed out this time of year because of finals. But this post reminds us all to take a breather. Thanks for posting!

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