Resort to this

I’m losing things to blog about. Really I just want to find a small hole and crawl in it… disappear for a little. I hate finals… the week before. whatever. Anyways. I saw this. I love it. I really like this guy, he said good things. And I love this kind of poetry, it makes me so happy… It’s 6 minutes long but stick with it!





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I guess thats something you'll just have to figure out yourself. Maybe through this blog, maybe through Facebook, maybe through stalking me... or maybe... sitting and having coffee with me

One thought on “Resort to this

  1. alasamy says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Shelby!
    It seems like everyone is incredibly stressed over final exams and grades right now, and I think this video provides not only a break from studying and research, but also a little perspective. It’s so easy to forget that most of us decided to go to college, or discovered after starting, because we have a dream; a job, a place, a person, an impact that we want to be and make in the world. Thank you so much for sharing this video and reminding us why we all chose to be here!

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