To future 301d students

Hello future 301d students,

Whatever you think this class is going to be, forget about it. Dr. Garcia is not your average CSU professor, and this is not your average composition class. My guess is that you’ve already read (or skimmed) a number of other blog posts before getting this one, so I will keep it short. If there is a backchannel, you might not ever learn how to properly use one in class; it may just be a place for all of the miscellaneous comments and questions go. If you are still using the #301d hashtag on twitter, we posted links to some of our genre papers using the same hashtag, use them as a way to get ideas! Blogging seems really pointless at first if you’re not already a blogger, but it really has proved to be a way for many of us to find our voices, not only as writers, but as future educators. Find what interests you and blog about it. The amount of reading and writing that Dr. Garcia will tell you is required on the first day of class isn’t really as daunting as it seems, I promise. This class will give you as much as you are willing to give it. If you want to take a lot away, contribute as much as you can to class conversations, blog when you’re frustrated, blog when you’re excited, blog with a purpose (if you’re not into it, no one else will be), share your genre projects with each other and, if you need to get in touch with him, Dr. Garcia is just a tweet away.



One thought on “To future 301d students

  1. margotgirerd says:

    I sincerely love this blog post. It is so sweet and endearing to future students. I almost wish someone had sent this as a letter to me before I entered the class because I was definitely nervous about a few of the things you mentioned in the blog post. Overall, your letter is positive, with enough honesty that won’t scare future students. I also love the ending. It is true- Prof. Garcia really is just a tweet away. I feel like that should be his slogan! Anyway, the only thing that I would mention is that students may end up meeting some crazy people in that class…ahem *devyn* ahem… but that they grow on you.
    Oh how I adore thee, sweet girl

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