6th Grade Advice for Teaching

Here are some helpful tips on how to be a good teacher from my lovely EDUC350 students 🙂 Enjoy!

“you should all ways smile. All ways say good morrinning to them and commpolment them that will help you a lot and say how is your day. You will do just fine”

“keep a smile on your face and help students who individually need help”

“Please stop crossing your arms!

keep your attitude the same!

talk with more influence”

“work on teaching some more before asking questions”

“have fun with the kids, don’t yell. I don’t think you will ever yell, and make it a safe place and give out candy. Now you will be the best teacher ever.”

“Some teacher advice for you is that mabe you couled interact  with us more and mabe you couled go at a pace because sometimes you go to fast and sometimes you go to slow”

“push your students but nott to hard at once. Also try to only yell and be mean when needed so that the students will still like you. Plus when you are teaching tryto turn the lessons into games almost so you are not just standing there talking. Last try to put the kids in groups kinda ofen so that they can try to work out the problem on by there selfs for a wile.”

“i don’t have any advice to give a you because i think you wil be great when you become a real teacher”

“go at a pase that everyone can stay along in any. Be kind of strict but at times do a fun subjeck or something that everyone will have fun with. Make sure that everyone is understanding what the subject is on but if someone is falling behind help them after class or help them while the other kids are doing something that they wont need help on while you help the person who is struggling catch up.”

“always be positive, no matter what happens that day. Dress appropriately for the weather and also because your a teacher. Also u don’t always have to wear a dress, or a skirt, or something fancy, you can wear what ever you feel like wearing that day, as long as its appropriate. Remember to just have fun while your teaching.”

“dont play with your hair all the time because that is all what people will be talking about”

“joke around and stay calm as much as you can. a student loves a calm teacher but you can’t be too calm if you do then they will treat you like a joke, mark yourself as the alpha be the kind of the nic-stirct teacher (nice and strict combined) ex: (kids yelling during test) you: give a evil/ sweet smile making them calm down then say “thank you” “

“Here is a tip for the future that I’ve learned in the past. You can just keep learning and pick up more and more tips.”

“dont be to strict with kids they really dont like that they like fun stuff  thats the main one that i have and also try to understand the kids try to like the things they do or do the things they like to do.”


Oh the joys of teaching 🙂


One thought on “6th Grade Advice for Teaching

  1. fbleam says:

    this is awesome! I love how you kept it exactly how the kids wrote it! This is really helpful advice, however. I actually started brainstorming a lot of different things, but one thing that I do want to do is get student comments every single year so I can continue to improve. Thanks for sharing!

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