Enders Game Lesson Plan

As the year rounds out i thought it would be cool to share one of my projects from the adolescent lit class that i was in last semester. It’s a lesson plan for the book “Enders Game,” and i’ll only share the abstract and a brief description so that you can see the basic idea of it.

Read this book if you haven’t yet!

Enders Game

Lesson Plan

Alex Denu



 Instructor: Alex Denu

Subject: English

Grade: 12

Instructional Setting: Large group discussion, Small group activity, Individual activity

Student Population: At grade level

Material and Resources for students and teachers:

-“Enders Game” by Orson Scott Card, ISBN: 0812550706, 352 pages

– Students Reading journal (Reading entries)



Lesson Plan Objective: First and Foremost, the students will read and comprehend the novel “Enders Game” by Orson Scott Card in a 4-week period. Throughout the 4 weeks, the students will be graded on their comprehension and on their understanding of the novel by two 10 question multiple-choice quizzes, one 25 point creative project, and a 50 point final paper. Throughout the weeks, the students will also engage in discussions about the readings, and will be graded in their participation in these discussions. These participation points will amount to 15 points (these participation points include the completion of the students four weekly journal entries). The amount of points at the end of the unit will amount to 100 points, and students will be graded on a standard scale. Through the actual reading of the novel itself, the objective is for the students to gain a deeper understanding of the themes of the book, being; friendship, trust, war, betrayal, violence, teamwork, and loss of innocence. These are the main themes of the novel that the students are meant to gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of, but of course there are also some smaller themes that the students will gain insight on as well. At the end of the first week, the first of two multiple choice quizzes will be given, at the end of week two, the second and final quiz will be given, at the end of week three, the creative project will be due (detailed further in lesson plan) and at the end of week four, the final paper for the unit will be assigned (again, detailed further). This outline will provide the quizzes, the creative project, and the final assignment; it will also provide some general objectives for the students to reach at the end of each week, and it will also provide some general discussion prompts for each week. Each week will begin with a cover page that states the general objectives for weeks one through four, and then will be followed by any additional material that is needed for each individual week. The point of this lesson plan, is to give the teacher a general guide on how the teaching of the novel should flow, some slight changes, however, may arise throughout the unit, and will be dealt with as they come up.












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