“I love seeing teachers outside of school…”

You may recognize this line from the always relevant and relatable, Mean Girls. As Amy and I watch this movie, we started thinking about what it’s going to be like seeing students outside class and what it might be like to see students when you really don’t feel like it or in a place you don’t want to see them… awwwkwaaarrrd.



What are we supposed to do when our students see us in our army pants and flip flops?

What happens when we’re a bit or a lot hungover and they want to have a full fledged conversation when they randomly ran into us?

What about when we have that mildly embarrassing or weird object in our shopping cart and they see it?


Is there really any way we can prepare for the awkward or uncomfortable moments without having first hand experience with it? I have no clue.

Ha…. does anyone have any feedback on this?


One thought on ““I love seeing teachers outside of school…”

  1. fbleam says:

    hahaha this made me laugh! I think it’s best to express a lot of our personality in the classroom so then when they see us outside of the classroom it won’t be as awkward! I’m not sure if there’s an exact way to avoid the awkwardness, but trust me, kids love seeing teachers outside of classrooms. Both my parents are teachers and every time I go home, the little kids will freak out when they see them! It’s adorable. I’m not sure if this is helpful advice, but that’s all! 🙂

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