How to hell to get through CO301-D with Antero Garcia brought to you by Devyn

To the future students,

It’s hard to really pick a place to start for this “letter-esque” blog post. I want to give you some perspective altering advice. Or maybe some epic inspiring quote that just makes you want to embrace this class with open arms.

The truth of the matter is…that’s probably not going to happen.

Let me fill you in, at least, on what to expect for this class so you don’t ruin things for yourself or others.

What do I mean by this you ask? 


I’ll tell you…

#1 RULE: 

Do NOT ever, even if you think you need to, question or reject Antero’s grading system. If he doesn’t have a rubric, get over it. If he doesn’t give direct guidelines on a project, accept it. Life doesn’t come with directions, so why do classes need to? Embrace your creativity, and don’t let open-ended projects scare or stress you out.

#2 Rule: 

Remember “Step Up, Step Back.” If you you don’t talk a lot in class typically, don’t be afraid to step up and voice a thought, comment, observation, whatever! And if you find yourself consistently  or constantly speaking up in class, don’t hesitate to step back and let someone else speak…

“too many knowledgeable voices are silenced by loud noises.”


Rule #3: “The possibilities are endless.” -yours truly

This statement means a lot to me, and it should certainly mean a lot to you future students. With Professor Garcia, the possibilities truly are endless. There may be a syllabus, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be following it. There will be projects assigned, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be given guidelines. You may be asked to get a Twitter account, and well… the possibilities aren’t exactly endless on that one…you HAVE to make an account.

I just want to stress that the possibilities are….. 98% endless in this class, and it’s just better to go with it than to reject this idea. 


You’re in this class to better yourself as a teacher, a student, and a person. Get over it.




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