Paying it forward

I’m pretty sure I’m in the same boat as everyone but this semester has really been a true challenge. It’s cool because I feel like my hard work has really paid off. For the first semester of my college career I think I might be able to walk away with not one single “C”… only “B”‘s… maybe it’s not that big of a deal but for me, it’s huge. Anyways, for one of my classes, which I know everyone and their mom is in with me or has already taken it, we had to do a thing called Scope and Sequence. We turned them in last monday and on wednesday she informed the class that someone got a 55%. For the past week I’ve been worried sick that that was me, that I was the one that failed a projet I had worked so hard on. Today, after our final, we got them back. I was one of the last one’s left, along with Tealana so I think she felt comfortable talking to me about my grade out loud  (I totally didn’t mind). Long story short, I got a 62% on the project. I couldn’t help it, I just started crying! I’ve been so stressed and so overwhelmed that the only thing I could do was cry! It just happens. It’s the only thing I know how to do when things get bad. **Side note, a bunch of us were studying and I told you that I had yet to cry during finals week, well, today I failed**

She told me why I did so bad – I failed miserably at labeling. It was so frustrating that I did poorly on something that was there but I didn’t highlight it, put it in parentheses, or label it. She told me to show her where these certain things were, the things I was supposed to label, and went through it went me. She saw that I had it all and told me to go ahead and label them all. Then raised my grade. Yes. SHE RAISED MY GRADE!!!! to an 87%. I couldn’t believe it. So I naturally cried again lol (im an emotional person, obvi) and told her how grateful I was. I couldn’t thank her enough. She told me one thing: “Remember what happened today. All I ask is that you pay it forward and do what I did for you, for a student of yours someday.” I promised I would and I plan on it. Here was a teacher who saw a students potential and wanted to make sure that a silly mistake didn’t hide that potential as failure.

I want to be just like that. I’ve never had a teacher understand the stress behind a project so well that they were willing to let you simply just explane yourself even when it’s all said and done in order to help you. She knew my work, she knew me and what I was capable of. A teacher like that calls their students higher, REALLY believes in them and makes sure their students see it too.

I really just wanted to share that. In the mist of a hell week, there was a light! Now I can breathe.

I hope everyone else gets to see a light this week in the mist of finals. Hopefully it doesn’t wait to show itself till the end of the week.

Good luck my friends!


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