Drum roll please…

I guess this is my last post. I know we are supposed to say advice for upcoming classes and I’m not sure if I have much advice that seems scholarly or that could bring one to tears. I do feel however that this class showed me what it means to be a teacher. My advice would be to listen. To listen to Garcia and to REALLY listen to others. I’ve never learned so much in a class through other people. Blogs might seem silly, but you see a different side to people. The side of a person that is really just their thoughts and words are much different, much more impacting, then a paper they write that you grade. Words from the heart always seem to strike a different cord on a different instrument. I love words and everything they hold. Write as many as you can. Unload your thoughts in these blogs… I regret not doing that more often. Maybe some think I did TOO much, but I know I held back. Speak up, you’d be surprised at how much people want to hear what you have to say, even if they know they will disagree. Listen to the thoughts and views other people have about teaching. Listen to their stories and ask questions about their life… Our past shapes how we treat others… especially our students. Comment on blogs, on papers, and on videos from genre papers. I didn’t do that very much but I know the feeling of a response. It can be scary putting your heart on a paper, and even more so when no one acknowledges it’s there. Get to know people in this class. This was the first time I put fourth an effort to reach out to people and make friends within a class and I’m so grateful I did. Even if we don’t keep in touch, I learned about people, learned about their struggles and thoughts, learned about the possible students i could have one day through my classmates. 

This class was the best class I’ve ever had. I’ve enjoyed it more then any other. It challenged me in a different way. It challenged my stance on things, my views on education, it instilled hope for me to become a teacher and to keep going. There’s so much more I wish I could say, but it will start to sound silly. Being a housekeeper was a joy, most favorite job by far 😉

Take a deep breathe, this class helped me to see that we should never let a bad grade determine our fate… it’s about our hearts and determination that will help us to build our dreams one day. “A”‘s won’t do that. (as much as i’d like to think they would).

We should keep posting on this far past this class. Keep in touch and tell each other the new things we are learning and experiencing. Advice we have or stories we just have to tell people other then our facebook status box.

Thank you all for such a great semester, and thank you Garcia for opening doors!


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