Feathered dinosaurs

I could care less about education right now. No, seriously, I just don’t CARE at the moment and yet I’ve got an hour to write this blog so I have to put something down. There are days where I have passionate opinions about teachers and tenure and my future classroom and all that jazz, but it’s not today. I’m getting sick, I just finished watching Lord of the Rings (all three extended versions, in case you were wondering–that’s how secretly nerdy I am), eating a cup of Top Ramen, and listening to Enya. I sat in my computer chair for a half hour, just waiting for some inspiration to come to me to write about and…nada. Frustrated, I’m going to vent. Watch out, people.

After reading some of your blogs, I find myself torn about this whole blogging situation. Yes, blogging is different from usual schoolwork, and in all honesty I’d rather blog than write an essay–so I’m not complaining. But, yes, it is also petty. I agree with that–just like how I could care less about writing something sophisticated about education at the moment, I could care less about other peoples’ blogs (except for my best friend’s, who’s blogging about her adventures in Buenos Aires–pretty cool, if you ask me), and Twitter, blogging, and the “fast-lane” technology transforming our world seems a bit…shallow. It’s like everyone is scrambling for their chance to put their thoughts out there and see what other people think that we’ve forgotten how to keep our thoughts to ourselves. Most people could really care less about you, or the person sitting next to you, or about 99% of the population, actually. They don’t want to hear what you had for dinner or what your shampoo smells like, and they particularly don’t want to hear your problems. We all don’t care, and secretly are glad you have them. I think if we’re going to blog, or Tweet, or update our Facebook statuses, it should be something worthwhile. For example, I just found out that scientists discovered all dinosaurs had FEATHERS. Not just the early ones, but all of them. So a T-Rex? Yeah, it had feathers all over it. Legitimate feathers. I looked up a picture of what scientists think they looked like and a Velociraptor just looked like a big, scary ostrich. Check it out:

 This is a Velociraptor…crazy right?

I put up the article and this picture on my Facebook status, declaring childhood=blown, and Jurassic Park had lied to us. I wanted to spread the word about dinosaurs being feathered–educational, yet interesting. I could’ve posted: “I’m sick and I hate Nickelback,” but who would care? I think this is the difference we were talking about in class–the difference between a worthy blog, and a shitty blog. Blogs can be educational and interesting, or they can just be whiny rants about why your life is going down the drain.

Anyway, that’s my vent. If you want to see another picture of a feathery dinosaur, click here. Or the article here. Sorry if this wasn’t the “worthwhile” blog I just so relentlessly lectured about. I’m sorry if I’m a hypocrite. But I hope the feathered dinosaurs made it better 🙂



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One thought on “Feathered dinosaurs

  1. emmalouisefaithsteward says:

    I like the feather’d dinosaur. Probably the best picture I’ve seen all day.

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