Let’s get real


I’d tell you all what I did this weekend and how it pertains to my post, but none of you will find it as fun as I did. I’ll skip the bore. I made a chalkboard this weekend from an old mirror! This is where you say “Oh wow! How cool!” I learned from pinterest. I love pinterest (side rant is about to start) I feel like as a teacher, you could find amazing fun things to do with your students on pinterest. Why dont teachers bring in technology more? What happened to creativity in the classroom? My 4th grade teacher was supa (short for “super” just in case you all didn’t know. But you have to say it with a ghetto accent or else it’s not as cool) awesome. She was obsessed with lady bugs, we had a reading treehouse in one corner of the classroom covered in fake lady bugs, and a lady bug couch in the other! Plus a thousand more other cool things. ANYWAYS she always showed us these web sties she would come across and every week we would do a fun craft that related to what we were learning about. I think that’s when I realized I needed something to do with my hands all the time, or watch my teacher do a craft or project 5 times… back to my chalkboard. I was READING the instructions and I pretty much shattered the mirror because of how wrong I did it (I’m getting to my point I promise). So then I looked up a video on it, and lets just say, I’m a pro mirror-into-chalkboard creator. my point is, I think a school should be made for each type of learner. I don’t need someone to tell me how that logically would never work, or how thats not a great idea. I’m just sayin’ it would be really cool. Imagine how much more kids would learn, feel like they fit in more, or finally “get it”? I’d be the principal. AND a teacher. Not possible? Well, at my school, it is.

I’ve been having this on my mind for over a week so I just need to say it out loud. I CAN’T BELIEVE TOBY IS “A”

That’s all.


One thought on “Let’s get real

  1. Hey Shelby, can you bring your chalkboard in sometime? What an awesome “wall” for all of us to write on…

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